Etiquette: a set of best practices and social conventions for acceptable behaviour supporting the smooth operation of a curling game leaving maximum time for fun!

1. Be Honest

2. Be a Good Sport

3. An 8 – end game should take 2 hours.

  • a) Get into position to throw your rock once the opponent’s rock has left their hand. Remember to clean the rock. Stand up and wait for your skip’s signals for your shot.
  • b) Sweepers move back into position walking single-file down the side of the sheet.
  • c) Do not place the rocks back according to number. We know our numbers on our rocks!
  • d) Feel Free to watch your rock’s progress; but not by continuing to leave knees and hands on the ice! Stand up and be ready to move out of position once your rock has come to rest.

4. Be on time. Get a spare if necessary to ensure your team has a minimum of three players. Check your league’s expectations.

5. Contact your opposition if you cannot field a team. Each league has a website page with the draw and the name of your opposition on it.

6. Clean Shoes, Clean ice. Dirt on the ice comes from dirty brooms, old tattered grippers, and outside shoes. Outside shoes will not be allowed on the ice. Use the scrub brushes to clean your brooms, pick out hairs from hair brushes, and make sure your grippers are in good shape and not shedding.

7. Practice before your game on a different sheet.

8. Shake hands before and after the game in a spirit of cameraderie and with good wishes for ‘Good Curling’ or ‘Good Game’.

9. Only the Thirds should be in the house to determine the score. The other players are putting rocks back, and returning to their positions. This practice keeps the game moving. Thirds put up the score during the game and mark the ‘W’ on the draw sheet.

10. Compliment a good shot by your opponent.

11. Stay between the hoglines until it is your team’s turn to deliver. Only the skip and third should be behind the house when the opposition is throwing. If teammates want to get together, the skip or third should move to other players between the hoglines.

12. Keep your broom still and off the ice behind the throwing end when the opposition is delivering.

13. Be in position and ready when it is your turn to deliver or sweep.

14. A good player never attempts to distract or otherwise prevent an opponent from playing his best.

15. A true curler would rather lose than win unfairly.

16. No curler ever deliberately breaks a rule or tradition; but if done so inadvertently is the first to divulge the breach.

17. Curl Curlers respect their Teammates.

18. Good Curlers demonstrate good sportsmanship and honourable conduct on-and off-ice.

It is up to the skip of each team to determine when the game is over. Some skips do like to throw those last rocks no matter the mathematical chances of winning. Be courteous.

During a game where one team is smokin’ the other, it is the perogative of the losing team to concede the game. Winning teams can take the opportunity to teach, to practice more difficult shots, or to try out other call strategies, in a safe situation, that could improve their own game.

Seems like a lot to remember at first, but you’ll catch on and etiquette will fast become your habit! The results: more ends to play, less frustration, more fun in a convivial atmosphere, and more ‘bang for your buck’.

Good Curling!