There are many websites that explain in varying amounts of detail about the Equipment, the Clothing, and the Safety factors in the sport of curling. Below you will find some details important to TTCC; then Google away!

Equipment and Clothing The Pro Shop offers a variety of brooms, shoes and Tunnel Town Wear for purchase.

In the meantime, if you are trying curling for the first time, here are some tips that will make your first experience successful and  fun.

FOOTWEAR Running shoes and skate shoes work the best. The  softer the rubber the is, the better the grip. Clean your shoes and carry them into the club to prevent dirt from  getting on to the ice surface. Do not wear shes with Plastic Soles. The plastic will get cold and extra slippery.  High Heeled shoes and boots, sandals, and muddy or dirty runners are not allowed on the ice.Use the boot boys as you enter the ice shed. Best Practice: Keep your slider foot off the backboards and do not step onto the plastic with your slider foot.

Street shoes will not be allowed on the ice.

PANTS Wear loose fitting pants, sweat pants, track pants, yoga pants, or any pant that stretches. Do not wear jeans or tight pants. Shorts are not recommended especially for new curlers.
JACKETS Wear loose fitting jackets over sweaters so that you have layered clothing. You may want to remove a layer if you get too hot. Do not wear jackets or sweaters that shed! Fabric fibers are difficult to see on the ice for your teammates sweeping and for the ice crew to remove.Sweaters and hoodies are fine.
GLOVES Wear gloves or mitts that are easy to take on and off and that will keep your hands warm. No fuzzy gloves. Wear gloves or mitts that will grip the broom and not slide off. Calfskin or curling gloves with non-slip material on the palms work really well.aGloves that are too thick should be removed when throwing the rock.
SLIDERS Sole Gliders are used for new curlers. You will find them at end of the sheet you are playing on. Use these until you feel comfortable with you balance and delivery technique. As you gain more experience you will begin to find them cumbersome and slow.
BROOMS  RENTALS New curlers can use the Sole Gliders.   You must wear a minimum of one gripper and two grippers are preferred. Sole Gliders and Grippers are Free Of Charge.  New curlers can rent a broom from the Rental Brooms bin. Clean your Rental Broom if necessary using the scrub brushes at the Away end of each sheet.
STABLIZERS You may be able to rent a Stabilizer instead of a broom. Ask at the office for availability.

Safety Ice can be slippery and dangerous; so follow a few simple rules and you will be safe.

1. Never run on the ice.

2. Always keep your slider foot flat on the ice when moving up and down the sheet and during and after your delivery.

3. Pick up your Sole Glider when you are finished with your delivery. Never leave it on the ice where someone may not see it and unexpectedly step on it.

4. Control your rocks at all times when moving them into position or at the end of an end. Use your hand or keep your broom on the rock; never kick or forcefully shove a rock back into place.

5. Never lift a rock off the ice. There is no need to throw a ‘high, hard one’ on TTCC ice. Rocks weight 43 pounds and if you drop one you will get Hurt and the Ice will get damaged!

6. Never allow the rocks to bang into the hacks. The hacks will be ruined, the rock will bounce unexpectedly, the ice will get chipped, and the manager and ice technicians will have your head and/or speak very sternly to you.

7. Never throw rocks in two directions at each other. Our rocks are irreplaceable and will break if thrown hard at each other from each end. It is very dangerous to get hit with a rock! If a rock goes onto another sheet, bring it back to yours Carefully.

8. Know your position when you are not throwing. Always walk down the ice in single-file; not side-by-side.

9. Be Aware!

Follow these simple safety rules and Stay Alert.
Every curler, member or visitor, is covered by insurance when they are on the Ice. Our insurers are All Sport BC Insurance and Coronation Insurance.  
Help your fellow curlers if you see them doing something that is unsafe or report any unsafe behaviour to the Board of Directors or Manager. We’ve never had an instance of having to use the insurance. Let’s Keep Our Reputation for Safety Intact!